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***I decided to do a different project instead of the one from 501dc******

After a long day of work and a very stressful week, I decided to get my nails done at my favorite nail salons in Brooklyn. As the owner of the nail salon, Jessie, finished applying the UV gel to my nails, I realized how relaxed I was. Then, it occurred to me. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a website dedicated to nails? I know what you are thinking, there are blogs that showcase nail art all the time and blog about the latest trends. Well, that is not exactly what I had in mind. It would be nice to have a website that showcased the best nail salons in certain cities, New York City for example. It would nice to have a website to share nail stories such as the worst or best nail salons. It would be extremely helpful to nail technicians who are looking for a job to showcase their work as well as budding entrepreneurs who love to create nail art. The site would also display well written articles about nails from tips to opinion/controversial articles. The website will include the latest trends in nails. In other words, the website would not be just about nail art and the hottest colors. It is more like a a matchmaker of nails and how nails affect the daily lives of women and or men.

I call it:

My Nail Fix! Play on the word Fix meaning your daily dose of. There are many blogs out there that discuss the latest trends in nails, the hottest colors, etc. such as or, but not so much a website.

My soror, Veronica Woods is CEO and founder of, which is a resourceful website in finding the latest trends in African American hair, the best salons to go to, talk and share salon stories. I chose this website because it is similar in concept in where I would like to go for My Nail Fix. Design wise, I believe the colors work well together and balance each other out. However, there isn’t much depth to the site. There isn’t much organization and my eyes seem to go everywhere on the site not knowing which page is the best place to visit first. Yet, I chose this website because of the concept and the how the home page has sub categories that a viewer can click to read more of the story.

I love the layout of The colors work extremely well together and it is a very clean design. The large picture of the women adds depth to the site. I love the circle buttons that are meant to look like nail polish colors. The only thing that I would change is the typography. It isn’t the best use of text. Although the large picture adds dimension, it isn’t the best use of a home page. What I am taking from this website is the home buttons. I also like the navigation bar. Even though I would make some changes, I think the layout is well balanced.

I love the layout of these site as well. The use of warm colors works well and on this site less is more. The text is very simple yet it draws the users eyes. There is a balance with the use of three equally sized images that immediately draws my attention.

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Critique BonaFide Ally: Acoustic City

It is so like New Yorkers to spot the first thing that reminds them of New York. So the first thing that drew my attention of BonaFide Ally’s movie poster was the Statue of Liberty. I love that it was inverted and it really adds depth to movie poster that was needed to balance out the fading pictures. I love the colors in the guitar and the different use of image sizes. The blue background works really well and enhances the poster a lot. Simplicity is more and that was definitely captured in the font that BonaFide Ally chose. The use of Capital letters in the sub-heading is a nice touch as well as in the title. I felt that the poster was more for an independent film, a play or a concert.

I really wished that the image of the guy was enhanced more. I feel that he is fading a little bit too much than he should in the background. I also feel that the instruments get lost in the background as well. I get the concept that the images are in the sky but it also took me a minute to realize that there were instruments in the background. I think that the “From the Director” text could have been spaced out a little more, using kerning as well as the size could have been bigger. The “I” in Director needs some wiggle room; the same could be said about the “I” in Reality.

I love the simplicity of the poster because I know it was not simple at all to create. Well done.

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Critique: Now is The Moment of Power’s Snow Block

“Where the real snowboarding is”…is simply amazing. The first thing that caught my attention of Now is The Moment of Power were the different shades of purple. It really made the movie poster. I also loved the pink snowboard that added a well needed contrast to the purple. If the whole poster used purple I think it would have been overwhelming, yet the pink board (staying in the warm color family) added a nice accent to the poster. I love the quote from the newspaper and the shadow behind the text. I love how the text of Snow Block has a wavy feel to it, kind of like a snow hill. I love the picture in the text as well.

My first suggestion would be to have made the name of the actors and actresses in a different color. The black font blends in with the purple background. I would have also put the actors and actresses names right to the front underneath the sub title or even on the board in which Now is the Moment of Power could have kept the text in black. Although the WideScreen text places on the size “Wide”, I would have made the words a little bit tighter. There isn’t much of a balance of x-height or baseline with text because it is meant to be uneven, which works in this particular poster.

I love and dislike the green in the hair. I like the color because it is vibrant but also unrealistic. It should be toned down a bit as well as the person’s face. It is a little too yellow. Also parts of the jacket has neon around it, which I would have taken out as well.

Other than that, the poster has a lot of depth and I love the person right smacked dab in the front. It is an excellent movie poster.

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My Movie Poster

I definitely used a lot of the skills that I have learned from Planet PhotoShop to create this movie poster. I wanted to give the poster a sci-fi feel, so I used the smudge brush to create the sci-fi look in the title. I also used the same font throughout to give it a simplistic feel. Also, the font is easy to read. I stayed in the pink and purple colors to be consistent and to have a balance. For my first try at this, I thought it came out pretty good. I didn’t know if I liked myself smaller or bigger.

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My PhotoShop Journey: Light in 3d

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I decided to do another.

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Your Personal Shopper Business Card

I decided to make a business card for a personal shopper. I created a purse/clutch, or at least tried to anyway and wrote the the various places and items that Your Personal Shopper would help clients with. Overall, I am happy with how it came out. I do think that the font is a little small and I should have made that a little bigger.

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Meaningful Font = Passion

It was hard to choose a word that I could reflect in a font. I chose the word Passion in the senses of love, sexiness and desire. I found the font I used on a free font website and then I turned one of the S’s around and connected it with the other S to make it look like a heart. I then used the bulging effect on the text and then created a copy of the word and used the 3d tool. I decided to make the background black because I thought the word would stand out more.

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Using Fonts to create a Picture

This assignment was a little challenging for me, I honestly do not know why. I attempted to create a yellow tea rose, which is the official flower of my sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho but it didn’t turn out to be that. I used a lot of effects on my fonts and I also use what I learned from the wall of text tutorial. In all, I’m ok how it the picture turned out but I think I could have done a better job.

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My PhotoShop Journey: Wall of Text

Here is my attempt in using words in an image. Notice in my name, I have an image of myself.

I think I could have used a softer font, not so bold so that you can actually see my image. But, I’m practicing and it is 1 am that I am doing this tutorial.

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