Writing Sample: Ptyalism

***I am going to be a new mother soon to twin girls. I decided to write a blog about my experiences being pregnant and what the books don’t tell you that I had to find out on my own. This writing sample is from a post I did on my blog.****

Sitting in the corner of a somewhat crowded train, a woman, hunches over her purse peering from the corner of eyes to see if anyone is watching her. Slowly, she pulls out a small plastic container, moves it close to her lips, and spits. In one motion, she closes the container back up and dumps in her purse, still glancing around to see if anyone noticed the most embarassing thing she has done for the past 5 months of her pregnancy.

According to babycenter.com, Ptyalism, although the term may be unfamiliar to most, is excessive saliva production that causes women to have so much saliva produced, that they have to spit it out. The cause of ptyalism is unkown, however, some doctors have stated that it may be due to nausea and heart burn, two common symptoms during the early stages of pregnancy.

“I use to have to carry an empty bottle with me if I am traveling,” says Ebony Bowens, 24. “When I was pregnant with my first child, every step I took, I had to spit, it is so disguisting.”

Many will ask, why can’t women swallow it? The answer, it is not that kind of saliva. Some baby websites have suggested to treat ptyalism is to swallow it, a majority of pregnant women cannot even stomach the idea.
“I have to sleep with a towel beside my pillow,” says Tanika Hoover, 23. “It doesn’t have any flavor but there is so much of it that I have to spit it out, I can’t keep that stuff in my mouth.”

Thankfully, pytalism is a small symptom in pregnancy that it isn’t a sign of a more serious problem or can harm the mother or the baby.  Treatments for pytalism is nothing. Just continue to spit or if it isn’t a lot try to swallow.

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