Welcome 506 Professor and Classmates


I haven’t used this blog since my 501 class, so rather start a brand new blog, I thought I would just continue from what I started. It will also show me how far I have developed in this graduate class. My name is Jamila and I go by the alias, The Girl in the Blue Scarf. I fell in love with “Confessions of a shopaholic” in which the main character’s alias as a reporter was the The Girl in the Green Scarf. I do not want to do a whole biography of myself but I am from Brooklyn, NY, residing now in Newark, NJ. I am graduate of Hampton University (Print Journalism major) seeking a career in back in my field of journalism. My dream, to become a web producer, content writer, graphic designer, social media guru and or entrepreneur. I am currently, pregnant, 6 months on Monday with my first children; yes children! Twin Girls!

I look forward in reading my classmates writing, learning and growing.

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