Critique Mike Hacku’s Sports Blog

Design # 1

I would have to agree with Yours To Find. I believe that the first design is the best design; simply because it is readable and eye catching. Honestly, there isn’t much about the website but because it is such as balance design, it is visually pleasing to the eye. The symmetry of the photos; they are equal in size and are both on the left, which is in line with the design principles. The logo is on the left side, there is a search bar, navigation buttons and a sidebar. I even like that Yours To Find wrote articles for the layout. In this case, simplicity is best. My suggestion would be to add more color to the background. It is a sports blog and sports (most sports) are considered entertaining and fun. Yours To Find blog should reflect that. Although the colors in this design work well together, it seems a little to professional. The navigation at the top does not look like real navigation on a real website. I would have added some dimension to it, some depth to make it stand out. That also includes the search tool bar. I love the picture of Mike. However, I would have lowered the head so that the neck is touching the end of the bar. It just looks like a floating head and honestly, kind of freaky looking.

Design # 2

Design # 1 is my pick but I like this design because it adds color but seems a little dull. I like the header with the baseball in it. The header really drew my attention. This design needs some of what design # 1 had and design # 1 needs what this design has. For example, the search bar in this design a lot more believable. I love the twitter updates as well. But again, like the first one it is very simple. Whereas simplicity worked in the first design, I think because of the color it needs a little more spice. Overall, the design is very clean and readable. Overall good job.

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