Critique R U Entertained?

The Original Blender has my work cut out for me since he went above and beyond and created three different website designs.

Design #1

The Original Blender stated in his blog that this particular design looked like it was done in 1992. Even so, from the first look of the website I had no idea what the website was about. I kept saying the title out loud, “R U Entertained?” and I had to say to myself, based on the look of the website no not really. Based on the context of the website, no I was not entertained because I didn’t know what what I was suppose to be entertained about. As a user, I should immediately know what the website is going to be about. However, the first design is engaging because of the bright purple. I thought the color and shapes of the buttons were really great. I especially like the reflection effect on the buttons. I like the palm trees in the background but I did not particularly like the colors. The first design does not look like a website. The hot sheet table, is very simple but yet it adds a balance and depth that is needed. It looks like it coming out of the layout.

Design # 2

The black and blue background is nice, but again it is not very entertaining or engaging. I like the different icons and it says a little bit more about what the website is going to be about but I am still left with a “huh?” expression. From the icons, I know that I am able to click on them but I have no idea what it is going to lead to. The icons, do add more depth to the design. ┬áMaking the title bigger and with more of an effect brings my eyes right to it. The design looks more like a website because of the very bottom of the design.

Design # 3

This design looks so much more like a website. As a user, I know what exactly what I am getting. I can see from the hot sheet the different articles about the entertainment world. There is a navigation bar that clear to read. There is also a side bar. The site is very neat and easy to navigate. Again, I love the title that is suppose to look like the Hollywood clapper. However, I am not in love with the color. I don’t think it is suppose to be a professional site but a fun and entertaining site, therefore the colors should be a little more warmer. There is a great since of balance especially with the images. Good job on this design.

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