Critique BonaFide Ally: Acoustic City

It is so like New Yorkers to spot the first thing that reminds them of New York. So the first thing that drew my attention of BonaFide Ally’s movie poster was the Statue of Liberty. I love that it was inverted and it really adds depth to movie poster that was needed to balance out the fading pictures. I love the colors in the guitar and the different use of image sizes. The blue background works really well and enhances the poster a lot. Simplicity is more and that was definitely captured in the font that BonaFide Ally chose. The use of Capital letters in the sub-heading is a nice touch as well as in the title. I felt that the poster was more for an independent film, a play or a concert.

I really wished that the image of the guy was enhanced more. I feel that he is fading a little bit too much than he should in the background. I also feel that the instruments get lost in the background as well. I get the concept that the images are in the sky but it also took me a minute to realize that there were instruments in the background. I think that the “From the Director” text could have been spaced out a little more, using kerning as well as the size could have been bigger. The “I” in Director needs some wiggle room; the same could be said about the “I” in Reality.

I love the simplicity of the poster because I know it was not simple at all to create. Well done.

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