Critique: Now is The Moment of Power’s Snow Block

“Where the real snowboarding is”…is simply amazing. The first thing that caught my attention of Now is The Moment of Power were the different shades of purple. It really made the movie poster. I also loved the pink snowboard that added a well needed contrast to the purple. If the whole poster used purple I think it would have been overwhelming, yet the pink board (staying in the warm color family) added a nice accent to the poster. I love the quote from the newspaper and the shadow behind the text. I love how the text of Snow Block has a wavy feel to it, kind of like a snow hill. I love the picture in the text as well.

My first suggestion would be to have made the name of the actors and actresses in a different color. The black font blends in with the purple background. I would have also put the actors and actresses names right to the front underneath the sub title or even on the board in which Now is the Moment of Power could have kept the text in black. Although the WideScreen text places on the size “Wide”, I would have made the words a little bit tighter. There isn’t much of a balance of x-height or baseline with text because it is meant to be uneven, which works in this particular poster.

I love and dislike the green in the hair. I like the color because it is vibrant but also unrealistic. It should be toned down a bit as well as the person’s face. It is a little too yellow. Also parts of the jacket has neon around it, which I would have taken out as well.

Other than that, the poster has a lot of depth and I love the person right smacked dab in the front. It is an excellent movie poster.

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